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Dry Eye Drops - Recommended

Dry eye syndrome

Most people have experienced dry eyes at a moment in life. Some of us can even struggle with it for decades. That constant, foreign body or stinging sensation in one or both eyes, can be quite distressing. Trust me, I've been living with it!

I have tried almost all the drops on the market but have only recommended a few to my patients that I personally found beneficial and have not had a reaction to. So I thought to take the opportunity to share my recommendations, ranking the top 3 picks as my award winners!


  • Emulsion formed by an aqueous phase and an oily phase.

  • Oily Phase = Mineral oils

  • Restores moisture and fluid loss

  • Available in 30 count single-use vials


  • Provides relief of dry eye symptoms

  • TheraTears® unique hypotonic and electrolyte balanced formula replicates healthy tears

  • TheraTears® is preservative free for sensitive eyes

  • Immediate long-lasting relief of dry eye symptoms

  • Available in 30 count single-use vials

  • Single-use vials come in a foil pouch to ensure they are as fresh as natural tears

Bion Tears Lubricant Eye Drops

  • Advanced bicarbonate formulation

  • Specifically formulated to provide soothing relief from moderate to severe dry eyes

  • Preservative Free

  • Available in 28 count single-use vials

At this point, it is worth noting that we are NOT STOCKISTS of any of these. Therefore I am not promoting them because of financial benefit, but solely to help you find the best solution an Optometrist uses.

I have used all 3 products. Theratears for many years in my 30s. Bion Tears the last 10 years and recently I have been using Cationorm.

After the first night of Cationorm, my first thought on awakening was “This is the first time my left eye feels actually normal”. But please don’t misunderstand... This is NOT a cure to the problem. Within 3-4 hours that funny scratchy feeling starts again. Consistency of instillation of drops is the key. 3-4 times per day and always before bed is critical.

Of course, the chef that doesn’t cook at home. I’m the optometrist that forgets to regularly use drops when it gets busy. But when I did trial it for 2 months and was vigilant my dry eye symptoms had markedly improved. The only other challenge is finding the single use Cationorm, as most independent pharmacists sell out. I usually have luck with Chemist Warehouse. And I hope you do too!

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