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The Perfect Prescription... ?

This Question Arises In Many Situations. What Should The Surgeon Aim For Post Cataract or Post Laser Eye Correction Surgery?

Is Zero The Perfect Number?

The answer will depend on your age as in our 40's, we develop presbyopia caused by loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye. We have greater difficulty reading up close and may require reading glasses.

The Perfect Prescription:

Under 40 years old:

For this age bracket the perfect number is zero. You will see clearly in the distance and up close without needing any corrective lenses. If you are considering laser eye correction at age 30 my advice is to aim for zero so you will hopefully have great vision for up to 20 years.

Over 45 years old:

Zero is not ideal. It would mean that you may have trouble seeing up close, computer and even looking in a mirror.

Myopic or short sighted more that -1.00 means that you will need to wear distance glasses most of the time and read without the need for glasses. This of course gets more complicated once you go higher for example -5.00 as your close up vision will be at 15cm and you will need to hold everything up too close.

Hyperopic or long sighted after age 45 will mean that distance, intermediate and reading will all be difficult and most will require a multifocal or juggling multiple sets of glasses.

My perfect number is -0.50 or -0.75. I have been lucky as that is my number.

I like wearing glasses for driving however I can see computer and reading, cook and do 90% of my daily tasks without them.

The ideal outcome post laser or cataract surgery is zero for the dominant eye and -0.50 or -0.75 in the non dominant eye. Please keep in mind that there are many variables and limitations for each person, which the surgeon should discuss prior to surgery.

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