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Secondary School, Study & Eye Health

Keeping students eyes safe during long periods of study

Avoid using brightly backlit devices in dark rooms

Exams period just finished. During exams, many students suffer headaches, dry eye and eye strain, which led me to give everyone a few tips on things that can be done to reduce the symptoms and also protect eyesight. Children from preschool through secondary school should be tested yearly, regardless of family or personal history of eyesight issues. The old saying of sitting too close to the TV has some truth to it. No, it won't "make your eyes square" but the backlight and staring at a certain focal point for long periods especially without a break is not good for anybody's eyes. That being said, students are sitting for long periods in front of an iPad, iPhone or computer screen need to take at least a 10-minute break away from the computer every 90 minutes. Children that wear glasses should think about adding multicoat to the lens to stop reflection. There is also a new form of multicoat that helps reduces blue light being absorbed which can help with fatigue, anxiety, sleep to name a few. Adjusting the colour temperature of devices is also advisable- making the device's setting warmer colour instead of a bright blue-white backlight also adjust the contrast and brightness. Dry eye can make your child get watery itchy sore eyes. When staring at a device for long periods you tend to not blink as much as you usually would which of course dries out your eyes. Remembering to purposely blink and take breaks can improve this long term in the short term a product like Bion Tears will help relieve the symptoms. Eye issues can affect children's ability to study for long periods. If you are unsure about your children's eyes, whether it be dry eye, glare, headaches and strain its best to book in to speak with our optometrist.

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