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Myopic Changes for Ages 8-25

It is interesting to see the impact of COVID lockdowns and remote learning on the eyes of 8-25 year olds. Once we exited from the numerous lockdowns, we started tallying up the myopic changes of the individuals coming in for their eye tests. (note: children tallied were previously myopic prior to 2020 to monitor progression and data is based on Edithvale store visitors)

8-12 year olds

  • The largest change noted in this age bracket was -1.00 Dioptre, which signifies 4 steps of myopic deterioration. 22% of children showed no change

13-18 year olds

  • 70% of teenagers showed up to 1.00 Dioptre change. 25.9% showed no change in myopia.

19-25 year olds

  • The most surprising age group. 81.8% had no change to their vision status. 18.2 % has minimal myopic change of 0.5-0.75. There were no 1 Dioptre or 2 Dioptre shifts in vision. Even with all the study/computer work that must have been done, there wasn't significant changes to myopia. This also corresponds to the optimum age of 25 for laser eye correction, as one would want to have more stable vision prior to the procedure.

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