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2020 - The Year of Single Vision Lenses

Notice how the gentleman is lifting his head up at an angle to use the computer zone of his lenses.

2020 was meant to be the year of the optometrist. I had my banner organized and displayed in the window “Do you have 20/20 in 2020?”. The pandemic hit in late March. First in were teachers- “I can’t zoom in Multifocal lenses” then came an avalanche of Multifocal wearers struggling on a home desktop for 8 hours a day. Here is the truth about Multifocal glasses: They are great all rounders to use for a little bit for everything but they are not great for 8 hour shifts on a computer. With Multifocal lenses there will always be a visual compromise as there are multiple zones in the lens. Desktop computers usually have larger screens set at eye level, resulting in Multifocal wearers needing to tilt their head up to use the computer zone of the lens, putting pressure on their neck (most likely resulting in headaches and physio/osteopath sessions). The Solution: Single vision intermediate glasses. Keep your Multifocals for everyday use, Example: walking, driving, cooking, shopping and for doing things around the house etc. - but when you are on the computer for long periods of time the solution is Single Vision Intermediate Glasses. Please Note: There are Office Multifocal lenses - which has computer at the top and reading at the bottom. This is also called Access or Vocational lenses. These are required when there is a shift in distances between multiple computer screens.

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